Falling? As a way of describing a literal feeling of being extremely down?
More like plunging, much worse and harder to heal from,
Because we do not deal with regrets,
Regrets deal with us, in ways we cannot imagine, but I know I can,
Because the feeling of regret is not pretty, in fact, it’s scarring, treacherous and we’ve all somehow experienced regret, some more serious than others,
Regret in hurting someone you love,
Regret in allowing someone who loves you to hurt you,
Regret in making a wrong decision,
Regret in failing,
Regret in falling for the wrong person,
Regret in telling lies,
Regret in failing to realize, how much time we don’t have
Regret in living a painful memory over and over again,
Regret in regret

Because at the end of the day we’re all humans❤
The lessons are in the details
And the prize is the experience 💯


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