Boys and girls I think we can all come to the agreement that everyone is a writer, yet only a few people express their thoughts. Only a few people give others access to the world in their heads.

        Unfortunately, the imagination of these “writers” who themselves were inspired or comforted and lifted by others “waste” away their talents. One lyric says “Find a dream and never stop,” and I could not agree more. So then where does Reality end and where do the Illusions and Imaginations start. The inability to tell the difference sometimes is all part of the excitement and I can tell you this: It’s so much fun.


For any up and coming writers, I don’t have all the know-how, but I can tell you this. Mentorship is key and king. Know your standing in a Writer’s World through the eyes of someone just like youā¤. It’s a crazy one, it’s an exciting one, your own thoughts can make you BALL your eyes out but knowing that someone can read your works and come to life alone can make you feel like you made it!

By: Vanessa Adaboh

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