Introvert Thoughts💭               

Introvert thoughts

                 You held on to the thin strings that was your happiness

                 The strings kept thinning and thinning.

                 One little vibration and the strings snapped, you fell and cried because your butt hurt from the fall and you sit there unable to get up BECAUSE YOU LET PEOPLE CONTROL YOUR HAPPINESS.

                 You’re a wreck because you care. What happened to always being happy? What happened to always doing better? Being better?

                 You step out feeling like a wreck and on top of that, it feels like everyone and no one is looking at you.

                  Is that fun? Attention. Oh no. What did I do? What did I say? What did I not say? At this point, you knew you had gone crazy.

                  If you say too much, you’ll feel even more embarrassed and shy. If you say little, you come off as stand-offish and rude. And the last thing you want OTHER PEOPLE to think of you is as stand-offish and rude.

                  So what do you do? You don’t show up at all, because you won’t be a nuisance if you’re not there at all right? RIGHT?

                   It all goes downhill from there. Just when you swore it was okay, but it wasn’t and you knew it but won’t admit it.

                   Then came the whirlwind of emotions, and you cried yourself to sleep.

                   You woke up the next morning, laughing at yourself in the mirror at how silly you were to let your emotions deride you. It was going to be okay after all. Of course it was.

                   Who said otherwise?

By: Vanessa Adaboh

Instagram: @nessa.the.finesser



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