Can You Stand [In] The Rain☁⛅

Yeah, sunshine is beautiful and all but have you ever stood in the rain,

With your hair down and your clothes on, rain trickling down your face, as if to wash your worries away,

As if to give you an embodiment of a new soul,

The trick is to keep your eyes closed, lift your head up to the sky, as if to expect an ascension into a new dimension,

Letting the screams of your momma passing through one ear and going out through the other telling you to get inside or you will catch a terrible cold (not if I’m enjoying myself I won’t)

Don’t even get me started, on the way the water rushes down your body only to fall and bounce back as if with sudden desperation, this time with a mixture of sand and silt…and then silence…

               Cue the mental deep breaths.

An experience worth experiencing over and over again, such a delight, one that I’ll never forget.

By: Vanessa Adaboh


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