the relationship between sisters.

“much of sisterhood is about sharing lipsticks”


What name do we give to a group of girls, say, about the same age, get problems alright but work their way through them, don’t backstab and are not picky about everything, understand each other and stay loyal to each other and are not even blood.

Two words. Sis.Ters.

Okay so one word, just to make it a little less dramatic. Sisterhood can be such a beautiful thing, if you belong with the right kind of people, who exude the right kind of energy. Think about THAT!

Imagine being surrounded by girls and paint their nails to match their different moods!

Imagine being surrounded by girls you can pray with on a daily basis!

Imagine being with girls that are not judgmental and give their honest opinion and say, “Um, Vanessa? I think that orange blouse will match perfectly with your black jeans, what do you think?”

That IS the sisterhood I’m referring to. That is what it’s about. My sisterhood circle consists of my bestfriend Vanessa and I (and yes, we have the same name,😂 we were born on the same day, my dad and her mum share the same birthday too;-)

So girls, look around you? Who can you call a sister?

Do you belong to a sisterhood?

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