Mother Africa🌹🌻🍁 (Part 1)

What does being African truly mean, or what does being African really entail? Some say it means being proud of what our forefathers stood up and fought for. Believe it or not, others say it doesn’t mean anything to them. I say it means recuperating from long hard years of slavery and being strong, showing up and letting the banner of freedom freely fly.

Africa is a growing, changing continent. Economy-wise, in terms of tourism, health delivery and what have you. It may not be enough but the hope that Africa will take on the rest of the world in the near future is the more reason why we fight for that change.

It is rather very sad how the mass media portrays the continent Africa. As a poor,  war torn, divided by ethnicity, greed andYes, we live in mansions, yes, we have first-class roads and yes we have clean water. Just like anywhere else in the world, we have our weak suits!


Oh but I can’t talk about Africa without making mention of numerous beautiful sceneries found in some of the most beautiful and most visited countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Egypt, Tanzania and South Africa.


First on our list of the most beautiful sceneries, is the Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, home to one of the world’s biggest beaches, with cable car rides to the top of the mesa, giving breath taking views of sunrises/sunsets. The greatest challenge here is not getting to the top without losing your mind, but rather, limiting yourself to taking 50 pictures. I wouldn’t mind adding my goal of going there one day to my bucket list although I have an irrational fear of heights.



Number 2 on our list is the Djemaa El Fna in Marrakech, Morocco, dubbed the world’s most exciting town square. Home to both locals and foreigners. Snake-charmers, henna painters, storytellers troop to the square by day, and tribal drummers and dancers join the sellers by night.


The town square by night vrs by day.


Last on our list for part 1 are the world famous  Pyramids of Giza, Cairo in Egypt. These were built around 2650 B.C from 2.5 million limestones! Fun fact: Its sides were oriented exactly to the geographic North, South, East and West.

Breathtaking even from below…

Stay in touch for Part 2!

Thanks for reading! ❤👍

By: Vanessa Adaboh

IG: @Nessa.the.fineser

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